Scenic Arts

Curricular Music

This activity consists on a first approach to the music world, as an artistic discipline, a mean of growth for the body and mind (through learning of rythm,  intonation and coordination), as a mean of expresion and communication.
Using the Carl Orff pedagogical method (shulwerk) combined with the Montessori Bells, we achieve fluidity between music and other expressive languages.


We develop vocal abilities by singing with adecuate technique, tuning and breathing. We gradually increase breathing capacity and hearing sensitivity identifying musical elements by employing the Kodály Method with its respective signs.

This method will adapt to every students’ characteristics, minding their diversity, fostering their capacity to learn by themselves and work as a team, keeping in mind their different learning paces.

Musical language and instruments

The main goal here is to familiarize children with the different musical styles through active listening of many different musical pieces, as well as knowledge of the different musical instruments, their names, sound and aspect through drawings, hearing samples and display of some instruments by the teachers. We develop a sense for rythm, identifying by sound different rythmic pieces and melodies and performing combined musical figures.