• Cambridge International 09 March 2018 Nuestros alumnos siguen sumando premios a la mejor nota del mundo y de España en los Premios Cambridge international. Esta vez en las asignaturas de History, Computer Science, Economics and Literature in English en la convocatoria de noviembre 2017. Nuestra mas sincera enhorabuena a alumnos y profesores por los logros conseguidos en estos premios. Noticias
  • Post Box 19 January 2018 Our students have been sending each other cards as well as to teachers and staff. A new way to express themselves at Montessori La Florida.     Noticias
  • VOLCANOES 19 January 2018   Jurassic Park at our School! Noticias
  • Speed Stacks Tournament 22 November 2017 STACKING TOURNAMENT Y2– Y6 On 21st of December at 15:00 If you want to participate, tell Ms. Gabriela. 2 CATEGORIES: 1) Against the clock : Must finish the circuit in 25 seconds or less. 2)  Against a partner. 1 vs 1. One of our students training hard to be ready for the tournament Noticias